PA-PEMA: AWR232 Mass Fatalities Planning and Response for Rural Communities AWR-232
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  • Mass Fatalities Planning and Response for Rural Communities AWR232
  • 8 hours
  •  From the largest of cities to the most rural of communities, the possibility of a mass-fatality incident exists every moment of every day. Whether the mass fatality results from a manmade incident (either deliberate or accidental) or from a force of nature such as a hurricane or tornado, the needs of the affected public remain the same. Responding to a mass-fatality incident, which includes the recovery, identification, and reunification of the deceased, is one of the most difficult aspects of a disaster response. Despite the grim nature of fatality management, it is the responsibility of authorities in the jurisdiction where the incident occurs to manage the response. The need to establish recovery, morgue, and family assistance center (FAC) operations are the same in rural communities as they are in large metropolitan cities. Rural communities often find it more difficult to respond due to the lack of local infrastructure and required assets necessary to provide an adequate mass-fatality response. The goal of this awareness-level course is to teach participants the basics of mass-fatality response while providing them with the opportunities to exchange rural perceptions and brainstorm for solutions to simulated emergencies.
  • Target audience:  Law enforcement, public health, EMA, EMS, healthcare, EOC staff, etc.
  • Prerequisites:  IS 100, IS 700, & IS 800

Subject Area(s):
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Law Enforcement
Public Safety
Emergency Responders / Receivers
Law Enforcement
Medical Examiner / Coroner / Mortician
Public Information / Media Specialists
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Administrators / Directors / Managers
Government / Community Leader
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Course Level: Intermediate
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Name: Don Bovard
Phone: 814-724-8110
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